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varibasu Baby Food Feeder, Fresh Fruit Pacifier, Silicone Pouches Teething Pacifiers, Infant Fruit Teething Toy, Solid Nipple, for Toddlers Fresh Fruit Food Dispensing, 3 Sizes (Blue)

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Baby food feeder: The baby food feeder is made of Food grade organic silicone and polypropylene plastic that is BPA-Free, Latex-Free, Petroleum-Free, Lead-Free, and Postulates-Free, which is safe and durable. It is normal for the baby food feeder pacifier to change color after using for a long time.

Baby food teether and feeder: It is both a fresh food baby feeder and a teething toy, designed with a textured surface and soft food grade silicone bottle, it can also soothe the babys teething discomfort when your baby goes through the teething phase.

Easy to clean: Without any small parts, this flexible silicone net pouch feeder is much easier to clean than mesh feeders, you can simply wash it in warm soap water before sanitizing it in boiling water to sterilize them. (You cannot sterilize for more than 3 minutes at high temperatures.) Dishwasher (top rack) and sterilizer safe.

3 sizes set: Small: [4-6 months,] Medium: [6-9 months], Large: [9 months or more]. This feature also allows you to conveniently interchange the silicone pacifier’s nipple to be able to insert more food as your baby grows. Suitable for a variety of foods such as fruits, vegetables and solid foods. Make custom food for your child.

Security lock: Our baby food feeders have a safety lock which prevent your baby from accidentally opening and getting clothes dirty, the handlebar fits the babys hand to improve grip and chewing.

Product information:
Material: Food grade silicone
Size: 10.5*5.2cm
Color: yellow
Feeders Quantity: 1
Net pocket Quantity: 1*3 sizes(S, M, L)

Suitable for children:
Small: [4-6 months]
Medium: [6-9 months]
Large: [9 months or more]

It must be used under adult supervision!
Clean before using the food feeder, use steam or boil for 3-5 minutes for disinfection.
The Baby Fruit Food Feeder Pacifier should be thoroughly cleaned at the end of each use, fully drained and placed in a clean place to dry.

We strive to keep our customers 100% SATISFIED. If you feel that this product didn’t live up to your expectations, let us know and we PROMISE a 100% money back GUARANTEE. We pride ourselves on the quality of our products and promise to always provide the BEST products for you and your baby.

Product packaging:
1 x Baby food feeder
3 x Silicone nipples replacement (S, M, L)
1 x box

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