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Corn Holders & Butter Spreader Set ? 8 Pairs of Comfortable Stainless Steel Jumbo Corn cob holders & Convenient Butter Spreading Tool ? Interlocking Corn on Cob Prong Skewers with Assorted Colors

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NO MORE BURNED HANDS: Corn on the cob is the most delicious snack, however, its so hard to enjoy it when it burns and makes your hands greasy! Prep Stor has an easy solution for you: just use a pair of these interlocking corn holders, and youll be able to hold your corn, even if it just came out of the BBQ grill or oven.

ENJOY SOME CORN WITH THE ENTIRE FAMILY: The Prep Stor set includes 8 pairs of colorful corn cob holders skewers, so that every member of the family can have their own. Thanks to their practical size and safe, interlocking design, you can take the corn grips with you at picnics, BBQ parties, camping and beach getaways.

SUPER EASY AND CONVENIENT: Our corn on the cob holders have 2 long, stainless steel prongs each, so they can withstand the heat of a grilled or boiled corn and hold its wait without bending. At the same time, the ergonomically designed handles are comfortable, and theyll keep your hands cool and clean.

WHATS A CORN WITHOUT SOME BUTTER? The secret to a mouthwatering corn on the cob is, of course, the butter! No need to use a knife or get your hands dirty. Prep Stors butter spreader will help you spread the butter evenly and thoroughly on every single kernel, so that every side is extra delicious.

NOT JUST A CORN BUTTER SPREADER: The non-toxic and dishwasher safe plastic butter spreader has many different uses. In fact, you can use it to grease a pan whenever you make pancakes, fry an omelet, and bake muffins. After that, just seal the butter with its cap and put the butter spreader back in the fridge.

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