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Vitrix Kitchenware Bottle Caps-Set of 5 Reusable and Unbreakable Sealer Covers-Silicone Stoppers to Keep Wine or Beer Fresh for Days with Air Tight Seal, Maroon, Brown, Blue, Yellow, Green

Brand: Vitrix Kitchenware
Product Code: WS1944
Availability: In Stock
$6.98 $4.89

✓ WE ARE WINE CAPS THAT KEEP YOUR WINE FRESH FOR DAYS – We are silicone wine bottle stoppers which create air tight vacuum seal, and we are freezer and dishwasher friendly!

✓ WE CARE ABOUT THE ENVIRONMENT - We are created from 100% Eco friendly, FDA food grade material!

✓ WE ARE REUSABLE AND UNBREAKABLE - Nothing to add here, we are sure you will appreciate that!

✓ WE COME IN 5 COLORS - Vivid looking maroon, pink, green, yellow and blue silicone wine caps are the colors you can use to make your wine bottle even prettier!

✓ WE FIT EVERY GLASS BOTTLE SIZE - No worries about wider or smaller glass bottle necks.

High Quality Silicone Wine Stoppers With Air Tight Seal Make sure your wine, beer or other preferred drink stays fresh for days, even weeks after you've opened it! Five vivid looking colors: Blue, Yellow, Green, Pink & Maroon The main reason wine does not stay fresh after it is opened is the very thing we need to stay alive - Oxygen. After it is opened, oxygen freely enters the wine packaging and affects the wine. The silicone wine stoppers adjust around the bottle neck from the wine with air tight seal, keeping the air out, thus protecting your favorite freedom nectar. We are very easy to wash, reuse and refrigerate. We will make sure you get many fresh wine sips many, many years after you purchase us! We fit virtually every wine bottle! Created only from food-grade silicone rubber, we are 100% safe for you, your loved ones and the environment! DID YOU KNOW: We are a great gift idea for your wine loving friends!

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