32PCS Chair Leg Cover Floor Protecors for Hardwood Floor,Silicone Furniture Leg Feet Protection Cover with Felt Pads,Chair Leg Caps Prevent Scratches Fit Round Square Black
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32PCS Chair Leg Cover Floor Protecors for Hardwood Floor,Silicone Furniture Leg Feet Protection Cover with Felt Pads,Chair Leg Caps Prevent Scratches Fit Round Square Black

Brand: ‎Kymyle
Product Code: SW13363
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*【Upgrade version 】Through a lot of market research, we found that many customers suggested that the traditional non-slip version of chair leg covers for hardwood floor is very inconvenient when moving furniture, so we produced this silicone chair leg caps with felt pads. This design not only makes it easier for you to move furniture legs on the floor of various materials, but also more effectively prevents the hardwood floor from being scratched by chair legs, and has an excellent mute effect.

*【High-essential material】The chair leg cap body uses high-essential silicone, which is non-toxic, odorless, and has much greater elasticity than PVC material. Very safe for babies and pets. The middle layer is made of EVA material, which has the advantages of shock resistance and strong compression resistance. The felt pads on the bottom layer can effectively protect your hardwood floor from scratches.The pad is attach to cap body with high quality glue,ensure the durability of the product.

*【Wide application】 Please Measure Your Size Before Purchase. The silicone protector with felt pads for chair leg is suitable for furniture feet of 1.18-1.57 inches (30-40) mm. The round design and the excellent elasticity of silicone material make this furniture leg cover widely used in most furniture feet types, such as round, square, and rectangular dining chairs, bar stools, courtyard chairs, kitchen chairs, metal tavern chairs, desks, and chairs, etc.

*【Advanced color matching】We choose black. This is a very classic and elegant color. It can be better matched and integrated into various colors of furniture, especially dark wood furniture, Will not affect the overall appearance due to color mismatch.

*【Easy to install】The package contains 32PCS of chair leg caps, which is enough for you to use and replace, without using any installation tools, without sticking, just put it on your furniture legs, and the mouth adopts a tightening design to prevent it from falling off easily. Using this silicone furniture protection cover will definitely give you a greatly improved experience. Please make sure to measure your furniture legs according to the size in the picture before placing an order.

Why choose our products?
1. The product felt pad is made of a thicker version of felt, which allows your chair feet to slide smoothly
and seamlessly on the wooden floor or tile floor. It will never scratch the floor or make any harsh sounds.
2. Our silicone table leg covers are made of thinner but super elastic silicone. It is suitable for all round, oval,
square, rectangular and special-shaped chair legs. It is firmly grasped during use and will not fall easily.
3. The felt pad is attached to the cup body by high-quality glue, and it is integrally formed and not easy separated
to ensure the durability of the product.
Use tips: Some customers may need to use non-slip and slip-resistant silicone leg covers at the same time, such as on a chair,
because you need to move your chair at any time, so you can use the outer side of the felt pad. But when you use it on
a dining table, you don’t want your table to move back and forth, you can turn it over and use it with the bottom
of the silicone facing outwards so that the anti-slip effect will be better and it will not affect your use.
One product, multiple-use, after experimenting, it is very feasible.
Upgraded silicone chair leg cover with felt pads specifications:
Package includes: 32X chair leg protectors for hardwood floor
Bottom width:1.57inches
Opening width: 1.37inches
Felt pads thickness: 0.16 inch
Material: High-Quality Silicone+EVA+Felt pads
Please make sure whether they fit your chairs!
They do not fit for chair legs with a length of size smaller than 1.18" or larger than 1.57".
Our chair leg covers are not very suitable for use on carpet.

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