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Wiper Blade, METO T6 26inch, 20inch, 24inche, 29inch Windshield Wiper : Water Repellency Polymer Materials Silence Blade, Up to 60% Longer Life, for All Season even Clean Ice & Snow in Winter(Pack of 1)

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LOTUS-LIKE DRAIN: Coat a water repellent film while wiping the glass. The rainwater will directly fly away without opening the wiper, when the vehicle speed exceeds 80 yard. The clearer the vision is, the safer the driving is.

0 STEARK COMMITMENT: The Aerodynamic patent design reduces drag, keeps wiping stable. The strong memory steel sheet evenly stressed on and closely fitted to the glass, without leaving any gaps, sweep away the rain.

LONGER SERVICE LIFE: The shell is made of PEET elastomer material, wont be deformed under high and low temperature. The rubber strip is made of the optimal ratio of A level silicone which is wear-resistant and corrosion-resistant. What worth mentioning is that the majority of wipers cant withstand the cold weather in Russia, while Meto wiper performs as good as usual, and popularizes in the Russian market.

MUTED AS FLIPPING A BOOK: The high-performance silicone rubber strip, formulated by the latest technology, not only greatly enhances the service life, but also makes it more silent when wiping. Listening to the moving music in the car on a rainy day, the wiper quietly follows the music.

15 YEARS OF QUALITY PRODUCTION: With 15 years of experience in designing and manufacturing wipers, we are constantly upgrading our products to keep improving, only to make better wipers. We provide 1 year warranty and lifetime service.

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